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Types of different cooktops

As we may all know by now, not all cookware are compatible with portable induction cooktop. A good test in order to determine compatibility is to stick a fridge magnet on the bottom end of the pan or pot, if it sticks, then the vessel is compatible to be used with induction cooktops. If not, then you probably have to shop for other compatible cookware.

Induction cookware work through copper wires located below the cooktop which when switched on, generate alternating electric currents which cause magnetic fields that produce electric currents which produce the heat used for cooking. These magnetic fields are the primary source of the electric currents that produce the heat and thus require magnetic cookware to function.

For this reason, the normal nonstick pans are not compatible with induction cooktops as they are made from aluminum that is not magnetically reactive. This is being remedied in newer aluminum models by including iron ores that are really good conductors of magnetic fields thus making them compatible with induction cooktops.

A common question posed by first time shoppers of portable induction cooktop and even regular users is the type of cookware that is compatible with induction cooktops. Most users assume that these type of cookware are very rare and thus difficult to find in the market. However, most are usually surprised to discover that a large array of cookware is compatible. This include Stainless Steel ,Nonstick Aluminum Cast Iron Carbon Steel Enameled Porcelain Cast Iron Copper and even Graniteware.

  1. Stainless Steel

stainless steel is the highest in term of quality when it comes to cookware and is always favored by professional chefs and high end kitchen users. Though some stainless steel products have no core whatsoever, most have aluminum and copper cores in between two layers of steel, which makes for a better heat conductor than the stainless steel. Most cookware has stainless steel only at the bottom end part which is in direct contact with the portable induction cooktop. The high end cookware, however, have stainless steel running up the sides to the very top. This allows for an evenly distributed heating leading to better precision for specialized tasks such as frying and simmering. An example of stainless still cookware is the spun-disk which although a good vessel, only has aluminum at the bottom end lowering heat distribution. Others like the tri-ply clad have all-round aluminum thus making heat distribution very even. This type is usually very expensive and are favored for their even cooking. A downside though is the fact that prolonged continuous use ultimately leads to separation problems whereby the disk separates from the bottom of the pan making it incompatible.

A more affordable alternative cookware to the stainless steel is the cast iron and carbon steel cookware. Its naturally nonstick and higher temperatures can be used during cooking without fear of damage. The cast iron is perfect for portable induction cooktops, especially so for people who might not be able to afford the stainless steel. Better still, cast iron cookware is easily available in the market and is considerably lighter than stainless steel thus making it the perfect match for portable induction cooktops.

  1. Carbon Steel

This is an even lighter alternative to cast iron for people who are highly mobile and would prefer light cookware to go with their portable induction cooktops. That is still adequately provide simmering and sautéing services as they are primarily available as pans

  1. Bare cast Iron

This is a durable cooking vessel made from a mixture of iron ore and cast iron. A popular example is Lodge, an American model known for its longevity and resilience. They are however heavy and may not evenly distribute heat due to the cast iron being available only in the bottom end part of the cookware.

Most household cookware are covered in the above categorize and most people usually find out that they do not have to replace most of their cookware. Its however prudent to always find out compatibility details first before making the decision on what cookware to buy since replacing them can sometimes be a very expensive affair. Remember, just test any cookware with a fridge magnet to find out if it is compatible with portable induction cooktop. Review by Jerry Low

A2 Hosting is a well-known company in the web hosting business. It is specifically known for its uptime, blazing-fast server speeds, and prompt customer service.

Here is the in-depth review by Jerry Low :-

I purchased the Prime Hosting Package by A2 Hosting in May 2013 to test the service.

According to my tests, I think that there’s a lot to like about the service.

I take it from the hosting speeds that they are literally obsessed with blazing fast speeds. Everything from your files, databases to the core operating system is stored on high-speed SSDs to ensure fast speeds.

The shared hosting servers come with a 12-core server, 10 GB Transfer and 64 gigs of RAM. The turbo plan also comes bundled with the Railgun optimiser which greatly speeds up the delivery of noncached web pages over the Cloudflare CDN.

You can still get this tool on the base plan but you’d have to pay a monthly fee which is still worth every penny as it speeds up the HTML loading time (140% faster speeds).

After speeds, my second favorite thing about A2 Hosting is their multicontinental servers. They have 3 data centers for their hosting plans, in the United States (Michigan), Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Singapore.

This ensures that your website will be available to every corner of the world in the least time possible as the server locations are varied. If you see the review by Jerry Low , he has tested the servers with many connections from different parts of the world.

Apart from this, A2 Hosting also provides Managed WordPress Hosting which is an added benefit if your site is running on the WordPress CMS. It provides automatic updates of plugins, themes, and the WordPress core and also provides optimization through the A2 Optimised(R) tool. This makes the Pages Load six times faster and gives your sites advanced security to defend against attacks.

Speed Test Results on the Test Hosting Plan

The features that are provided by these hosting companies looks good on paper everytime but the real speeds are what matters the most. Keeping that in mind, I ran some speed tests on the test hosting service which I mentioned at the beginning to get to know the actual server speeds which they offer.

The tool used to test the website is called Bitcatcha.

I pinged the test site from 8 locations from around the globe using the tool and got the results.

The site got an A ranking in the speed test which was performed. This is way better than any other hosting package at this price point which is $3.92/month.

Site Uptime Test

If you want to build an authoritative site, you should focus on its uptime more than its speed. If the site isn’t up, the speeds will not matter at all.

A2 Hosting guarantees a 99% uptime, to get that number, it has staff working on their servers 24/7.

To test this claim, I monitored the uptime of my test website in a period of 30 days.

I was really impressed by the results as apart from a few occasions when my site was don for a few moments, it had 99.% uptime in the 30 day period.


If you want a reliable hosting package, then you should definitely opt for A2 Hosting as they are one of the best hosting providers.This was the review by Jerry Low.

AC maintenance guide for beginners

When you observe that your air conditioner is not cool, you should look for the ac technician. It is reported that many factors can disturb or damage the performance of your ac system. It is quite difficult for a novice or beginner to deal with such problems due to lack of information. Therefore most of the people love to hire a technician to do this kind of job. A technician can easily diagnose the fault in your ac system. Prior to decide the type of treatment it is necessary to find the nature of damage. If you have no information about ac repair then it is good to leave this job for professionals. In order to find a good ac technician you just need to enter the keyword “ac repair near me” in search box. You will get a list of top ac repair firms soon.

Furthermore, if you want to repair your ac unit at your own then you should have all necessary tools and equipments. Wide range of tools is required to repair ac unit. You can follow the basic steps to repair the ac at your own. It is not a complicated job to repair ac unit but it needs skills and tactics. First of all you should check the performance of different components of ac unit. If there is any visible hardware problem, you can replace the affected part with ease. If you have repair manual of ac unit, you can have better understanding of parts and components. It is also possible to download the repair manual of ac online. Prior to call a technician you should check the wires, fan, gas pipe and other components in a better way. If the problem is beyond your limit or skills then you should look for a professional.

In order to find ac repair near me you should visit nearby market or search online. You can also ask your friends, relatives and neighbors to provide information about it. It is a very simple step to get your ac repaired. It is necessary to check the flow of air in the system. If the flow of air is weak, it means duct system and blower is not working fine. The accumulation of dust particles on blower unit is very common. Wash the blower unit to increase the flow of air in the unit. If the ducts and filters are dirty you can face this kind of problem. You just need to replace or change the filter to remove this issue. You can do this job at your own. When you sign an agreement of annual maintenance, you can seek best results. Ac repair firm will offer annual ac repair service on your demand.

If the damage is related to compressor then you should take this job at your own. Hire a good ac repair man to do this job for best results. There are available thousands of reputed ac repair firms in the world. Ac repair near me can be found online.

Reviewing the Best Ones Available on the Market

A zero gravity recliner is an excellent chair that is capable of putting you in the most relaxed position imaginable. Consider the astronauts who are to be launched into space. They need to be in a relaxed state if they are to bear the rigors of their journey. For this, they are seated in the zero gravity position. The zero gravity recliners adopt the same principle and thus, can offer you the chance to relax your back muscles after a hard day’s work. They take off all the stress from your aching joints and allow you to sit in the most comfortable position possible. So, it is fair to say that having a zero gravity recliner in your home is not something you would come to regret.

Buying a zero gravity recliner is not a difficult task if you know what you are looking for. Here we are reviewing the best such recliners on the market. It will help you in seeing, which among them is the perfect fit for your needs.

Zero Gravity Recliner by Best Choice Products

The zero gravity recliner by Best Choice Products is a great piece of furniture. Built for durability, this zero gravity chair has a flexible design. Although it is made from steel, it is not rigid at all. While the powder coating gives its frame a nice shine, the adjustable headrest it possesses provides you the chance to rest your head in the perfect posture according to your particular needs. So, you see, this zero gravity model does not only cover the aesthetic part but also ticks the functionality boxes too.

This is not all, though. The zero gravity recliner by Best Choice Products has a UV-resistant mesh material covering its frame. This material is extremely breathable as well which allows you a level of comfort that you won’t find anywhere else.

LFM 3093-3862 Zero Gravity Recliner by Lafuma Futura

LFM 3093-3862 is an ergonomically designed zero gravity recliner that comes to you from Lafuma Futura. This is an extra large version of the zero gravity chair produced by the company which is ideal for one and all. Being light in weight, it is extremely easy to transport this chair from one room to the next. If you want to lounge around in it at the beach then it can be taken there too without difficulty. This level of portability is possible because it has a compact design and steel tubes have been used in its frame.

Aside from the functional aspects, the LFM 3093-3862 is visually striking as well. The Iso Batyline fabric covering its steel body provides it an eye-catching look. Moreover, the ocean blue color further compliments the steel frame of this zero gravity recliner. There are resistance levers provided for adjusting the reclining positions of this chair too.

Caravan Sports’ Zero Gravity Recliner Infinity

If relaxation is what you are after in a chair then the Caravan Sports’ zero gravity recliner Infinity is the right fit for you. This model is designed keeping comfort and relaxation in mind. The highly functional design of this zero gravity recliner features a steel frame that has been coated with a powdered material for extra strength and durability. The textaline fabric used in the making of this chair gives it a stability that is compared to none.

Caravan Sports’ zero gravity recliner Infinity offers lumbar support to you. This gives your back the much-needed support it needs while you relax and slowly lulls you to sleep. The adjustable footrest of this zero gravity recliner means that you can rest up your feet on this chair too. A dual finger lock is included in the design of the Infinity for controlling its reclining function.

Where to Find Top digital cameras Lenses Reviews

nikonWhether you are a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, you need top quality lenses. These will make your job enjoyable and successful. As you might know, there are specific lenses for each goal a photographer has. Some lenses do everything at once. Others do one task better than any other lens. If you want to gain a lot of knowledge about lenses, read our lens reviews for digital cameras. We write a review after attempting to use a given lens. Hence, our reviews are accurate and reflect our true opinion about a given lens. Do you know what you are searching for?

If it is a zoom lens, we have reviewed the best quality zoom lenses available. Our top zoom lenses are the kind you would use to capture any type of pictures. It does not matter whether they are sports photos, landscape photos or wildlife pictures. They are solid lenses from Nikon itself and other brands like Sony. One of the zoom lens we recommend is Sony 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Mount Lens. It is a high-end lens that’s priced quite fairly. Boasting solid construction and several merits, this lens is versatile. Its 35mm format is full frame and the zoom component offers both width and telephoto benefits.

Maybe you are searching for a lens with extra aperture space. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens is one of our best picks for you. This camera lens consists of seven rounded aperture blades. In this context, it is much better than the previous version—50mm f/1.8 II. Boasting a Super Spectra type of coating, the Cannon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens lets a lot of light to enter. It has a manual focus ring that works more flawlessly than the older version. The mount for the lens is made of metal rather than plastic. So it’s durable. To learn more, check our lens reviews for digital cameras.

For those of you who are searching for the best prime lens, we have discussed a couple of them on our site. Some are from Cannon and others from Sony and Sigma. The best thing with prime lenses is that they cost much less than the original Nikon lenses. Additionally, they tend to be compatible with most DX cameras. Furthermore, they act almost as brilliantly as the Nikon lenses. They may lack the anti-vibration technology, yes, but they still get the job done. So, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a high-end Nikon lens, you can get a Sigma one. It will be cheaper than and nearly as functional as the high-end one.

Every photographer worries about the image quality they produce. The lens determines how fantastic a portrait or any other picture would look like. Hence, you should come and discover the best lenses for better image quality. We have evaluated different lenses; it will be easier to read and pick the one you want. We have mentioned the products’ weight, price, advantages, disadvantages and focal lengths among other things. That’s why we think you will find it easier to compare and contrast different lenses.

Whether you need some for landscape and architecture photography, and others for street and wildlife shooting, we have a list. All you need is to spare a few minutes to read our reviews. After doing it, it will be impossible to make a bad choice. Some of the lenses we have analyzed are expensive but useful to any serious photographer. Others are cheaper lenses that are suitable for a particular task. For instance, there are lenses that are awesome when shooting in low light conditions. After viewing our comprehensive lens reviews for digital cameras, you will find it easy to pick a camera lens with strong craftsmanship and price.