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Where there is Essiac Tea, There is Health

If you are looking an easy way to be healthy, this tea is the answer to your prayers. Many are looking for the ultimate health drink, and the essiac tea is just that. Made from the perfect mix of many herbal ingredients such as rhubarb, elm bark, burdock and so much more.

This tea has so much significance in the history that it is even found to be the major drinks of the native tribes of North America. Researchers have had it in had for quite a while now and studying it has been very beneficial for everyone. It has some great qualities that can help the human body and make it even healthier.

Here are a few of the many benefits of essiac tea that have been discovered:

Liver Health
Live majorly benefits from this tea. The herbs that are finely blended into the tea are very beneficial for the organ, especially with the toxicity. It flushes the toxicity through the liver and then passes it out with the urine.

This tea can do great things with the disorders. Few days in use and a jaundice patient will considerably feel the condition getting better. This may not be the magic potion of health, but it is.

It supports the liver function better and healthier. Is also improves the function of the enzymes and prevents any toxicity that might be making its way towards the stomach. And it not only helps with the liver’s function but also gives a great boost to the immune system and helps with waste management.

Bowel Movement (Constipation)
The essiac tea can be great for the people who experience problems in their bowel movement, especially constipation. The mixture of herbs contains fibers have healing qualities for the intestinal distress. Not only can the tea help with that, but also soften the bowel, which makes it easier to pass through.

This is none of the chemical stimulant or harsh fibers that you have to intake for the situation. In fact, it is a very easy going laxative, which works alongside the natural process of your body as if it were your own.

The herds help amazingly with the bowel movement, especially constipation with a natural ease. There is no side effect of taking this tea. Neither is there any kind of pain associated with it. And best of all, it works with a few hours of drinking and you will find your constipation cured.

Iron Supplement
Essiac tea goes very well with the human body, and one of the reasons is that it contains some of the very key elements that are required by your body. One of those elements is iron. Iron is not only one of the most common element, but also one of the most important ones. It is actually a very critical one in fact. It is the central element in the blood cells.

That’s why through drinking this tea, you will observe that the supplemented iron will help the protein make red blood cell and this may actually help with curing anemia. It improves the production of hemoglobin and makes the blood regulation better.

Aside from curing the anemia, this tea can also help people that get tired easily, have troubles with workout and diet; to give a nudge in the right direction. And the better blood circulation ultimately improves the health of the heart.

Regulation of Blood Pressure
This tea is especially helpful for people who otherwise use calming drinks. It is not just about the iron supplement, but it also helps regulate the blood pressure, which makes it ideal for the people suffering from blood pressure problems (especially high blood pressure).

The tea not only lowers your blood pressure which ultimately regulates your heartbeat but also releases a lot of stress. And you will not believe how effective it can actually be. It starts working with the first intake. And over a short period of time, you can observe significant changes in your blood pressure regulation and your stress levels.

Bone Health
This tea helps not only with blood but also with the bone health. It has properties much like that of calcium. While it may not exactly be the identical element, it does help a lot with strengthening the structure of bones. In addition, it also offers and helps absorbing many minerals and vitamins that can be used by the body for a better bone structure.

This is an ideal drink for someone who has been injured, has a bone disease or malnutrition. This tea does, in fact, contain a calcium element, but different from that it in the milk, it does, however, help accelerate the formation of bones and healing faster as it improves it.

Energetic Boost
While an energy boost must bring to your mind the one and only: caffeine, this tea contains none of that. But despite that fact, the drinkers get a really nice energy boost after drinking it.

The secret is the increased levels of B elements and Vitamin C. With the increase in these natural elements, this tea manages to give a boost same as the coffee, making your day better and waking up easier, minus the crashing side effects of coffee.

The best thing about this tea is that it is made from herbs that work naturally with your body, that’s why it doesn’t have any side effects like sleepless nights a coffee does. In fact, it works in a perfect harmony with your body as any other natural element would.

Weight Loss
This is an ideal drink for people who are drinking all sorts of stuff just to lose some weight. The other methods may or may not be effective, but Essiac tea definitely is.

The tea helps the body digest better and increases the metabolic rates. This ultimately leads to burning of lots and lots of calories, even in your sleep. Of course, working out can give the calories burning a boost but even if you don’t, you are sure to lose a lot of weight just by drinking this tea.

Types of different cooktops

As we may all know by now, not all cookware are compatible with portable induction cooktop. A good test in order to determine compatibility is to stick a fridge magnet on the bottom end of the pan or pot, if it sticks, then the vessel is compatible to be used with induction cooktops. If not, then you probably have to shop for other compatible cookware.

Induction cookware work through copper wires located below the cooktop which when switched on, generate alternating electric currents which cause magnetic fields that produce electric currents which produce the heat used for cooking. These magnetic fields are the primary source of the electric currents that produce the heat and thus require magnetic cookware to function.

For this reason, the normal nonstick pans are not compatible with induction cooktops as they are made from aluminum that is not magnetically reactive. This is being remedied in newer aluminum models by including iron ores that are really good conductors of magnetic fields thus making them compatible with induction cooktops.

A common question posed by first time shoppers of portable induction cooktop and even regular users is the type of cookware that is compatible with induction cooktops. Most users assume that these type of cookware are very rare and thus difficult to find in the market. However, most are usually surprised to discover that a large array of cookware is compatible. This include Stainless Steel ,Nonstick Aluminum Cast Iron Carbon Steel Enameled Porcelain Cast Iron Copper and even Graniteware.

  1. Stainless Steel

stainless steel is the highest in term of quality when it comes to cookware and is always favored by professional chefs and high end kitchen users. Though some stainless steel products have no core whatsoever, most have aluminum and copper cores in between two layers of steel, which makes for a better heat conductor than the stainless steel. Most cookware has stainless steel only at the bottom end part which is in direct contact with the portable induction cooktop. The high end cookware, however, have stainless steel running up the sides to the very top. This allows for an evenly distributed heating leading to better precision for specialized tasks such as frying and simmering. An example of stainless still cookware is the spun-disk which although a good vessel, only has aluminum at the bottom end lowering heat distribution. Others like the tri-ply clad have all-round aluminum thus making heat distribution very even. This type is usually very expensive and are favored for their even cooking. A downside though is the fact that prolonged continuous use ultimately leads to separation problems whereby the disk separates from the bottom of the pan making it incompatible.

A more affordable alternative cookware to the stainless steel is the cast iron and carbon steel cookware. Its naturally nonstick and higher temperatures can be used during cooking without fear of damage. The cast iron is perfect for portable induction cooktops, especially so for people who might not be able to afford the stainless steel. Better still, cast iron cookware is easily available in the market and is considerably lighter than stainless steel thus making it the perfect match for portable induction cooktops.

  1. Carbon Steel

This is an even lighter alternative to cast iron for people who are highly mobile and would prefer light cookware to go with their portable induction cooktops. That is still adequately provide simmering and sautéing services as they are primarily available as pans

  1. Bare cast Iron

This is a durable cooking vessel made from a mixture of iron ore and cast iron. A popular example is Lodge, an American model known for its longevity and resilience. They are however heavy and may not evenly distribute heat due to the cast iron being available only in the bottom end part of the cookware.

Most household cookware are covered in the above categorize and most people usually find out that they do not have to replace most of their cookware. Its however prudent to always find out compatibility details first before making the decision on what cookware to buy since replacing them can sometimes be a very expensive affair. Remember, just test any cookware with a fridge magnet to find out if it is compatible with portable induction cooktop.